How to remove Savings Bull ads

Hello. This time we will speak about browser SavingsBull add-on.

The main page of this adware is Usually users install this ads with other installations. This programs try to show advertising materials in users browsers or computer's desktop. Usually such materials are harmful. Savings Bull infects the follow browsers: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari browser.






If you don't want install it, try to find a tick with text like “Also install”, “Make... A default page in your browser” etc.

Generally to remove ads, it's enough to remove an appropriate browser extensions. Follow this instructions to uninstall SavingsBull from browsers:

For Internet Explorer

To delete add-on: Tools -> Manage add-ons -> Disable SavingsBull

To change homepage: Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Home page

For Google Chrome:

To delete add-on:  Customize and Control Google Chrome -> Tools - Extensions -> Delete SavingsBull To change homepage:  Customize and Control Google Chrome -> Tools -> Settings -> On startup

For Firefox:

To delete add-on:  Tools - Add-ons ->Remove Savings Bull

To change homepage:   Tools -> Options -> General-> Homepage

 But sometimes it's not enough. For example it can be nesessary to clean up register, delete program's folders and files manually and even do all this using Windows safe-mode.

To remove Savings Bull in automatic mode use Spyhunter.


To delete program manually you have to do the following:

1. Remove folders

  • C: \Program Files\ Savings Bull \

2. Clean up the following register branches:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Savings Bull\


 Good luck. An we hope your computer and browser are clean now.

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