How to uninstall Site Finder


Hail, in this article I will speak about Site Finder, the alternative name of this program is SiteFinder. I will give you information how to delete it , how it infected computer and what is it. I'll tell about removing with special programs and manually deleting with cleaning browser's settings, registry keys, files and folders.



What is SiteFinder

It's a program with special browser add-on, which shows ads in user's browser. It's not difficult to understand what adware infects your computer. It opens new pages with online games or other ads, shows pop up ads in browser. Often, Site Finder changes browser settings: homepage, default search engine. Site Finder infects the follow browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer.
Sadly, but sometimes it not enough to delete suitable browser extensions. User needs to uninstall all files, folders and registry keys.

Automatic SiteFinder removal

Site Finder can be uninstalled using special antimalware scanners. The best solution is to use Spyhunter. It scans user's computer without payment. If you want, you can buy it after scanning.

Removal Tool

How computer can be infected by adware

Commonly, Site Finder infects PC using other free installations, likewise, PC can be infected by 'downloaders'. If you don't want install Site Finder, control a tick with text like "Our partners decision", “Also install”, “Make... A default page in your browser” ,etc.

Video tutorial


Manually Site Finder removal

1. Uninstall adware from Control Panel (Control Panel  - Uninstall a program - Uninstall SiteFinder)

2. Delete next folders

  • C:\Program Files\Site Finder

3. Remove registry keys

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\SiteFinder

How to uninstall Site Finder from browser

Removing Site Finder from Internet Explorer

Disable add-on: Tools - Manage add-ons - Remove Site Finder

Change homepage: Tools - Internet Options - General - Home page - Put “about:blank”

To change new tab: Tools - Internet Options - General -Tabs

Removing Site Finder from Google Chrome

Remove add-on: Customize and Control Google Chrome - Tools - Extensions - Remove Site Finder

Change homepage: Customize and Control Google Chrome - Settings - On startup-Set pages- Put “about:blank”

Removing Site Finder from Firefox

Delete add-on: Tools - Add-ons - Remove Site Finder

Homepage: Tools - Options - General - Put “about:blank” into homepage field

To change new tab:

  • Put “about:config” into address bar;
  • Confirm the suggestion;
  • Search for “browser.newtab.url”;
  • Reset this field (right-click and choose reset).


Thanks for your attention. Recommended solution for deleting this ads and the further computer protection: Spyhunter - real-time scanner.


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