What is adware

When we speak about adwares, it’s reasonable to separate legal or semi-legal software or web application that is given to the user with advertisements embedded in the application from malicious software, web application or components such as browser plugins which presents unwanted advertisements to the user of a computer.

In the first sense, adware is a legitimate alternative of payment for software.

You can find many software, utilities or games that are distributed as freeware with inbuilt blurbs. Also there is a growing number of software which is offered as "sponsored" freeware (adware) until you purchase registration key. In this case, the ads should disappear as soon as you stop running the software.

In the other sense we speak about a complex of malicious software usually including a form of spyware component which collects information about the user, his preferenses, browsing history etc and a module whose task is to display advertisements to the user in the Web browser or other way. Also, even some legal applications distributed as adware can often track your Internet surfing habits in order to serve ads related to you. Applications with such behavior must be determined as malicious, and you should avoid them privacy and security reasons.

Anyway adwares (or ads, how they are often called by users) are always really annoying and can cause difficulties for unexpiriensed users. That’s why we devoted this section of our website to the most frequent adwares and the methods to get rid of them. Below you can find a regularly updated adware list with full information about each.

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